recoolx® horse,the innovative horse cooling gaiter

Here we would like to introduce you to our innovative horse cooling gaiter recoolx®horse.

recoolx®horse was developed in cooperation with well-known personalities from the horse competitive sport scene.


You relax the muscles,reduce swelling and can immidetly sooth the pains when injured or simply be employed preventatively after training.




The activation is carried out in a water bath :


simply so.....with H²O


With the simple handling recoolx®horse is immediatly usable everywhere and a therapeutical deep cooling is reached (not to be missunderstud with deep-freezing).


Our newest development are the recoolx®boots and for there special qualities you will find more information, here.


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A permanent use of recoolx®horse  offers its services particularly in the area of the horse competitive sport,where customary,products,such as Ice-Packs or Hot ColdPacks,recoolx®horse offers a constant cooling without damaging the tissue.