The Idea

Our basic approach dealt with the question of how one can provide a sense of cooling relief for people engaged in sporting or other activities by the external application of a small, comfortable product that will not interfere with your activities.


The coolant of choice has always been water. We have taken that basic idea and developed a system that utilizies the principal of evaporative cooling to provide a simple, comfortable means of cooling your body.


This basic principal is already used naturally by your body...when your body temperature rises due to physical activity at elevated temperature, your perspire in order to cool your body down. When you perspire your body sends water to the surface of your skin where it evaporates. The recoolx® acts by the same principal, cooling you through evaporative cooling.


We carried out many experiments to develop a material which would hold very large amounts of water, yet easily release that water for a evaporitive cooling effect. Our "Polymer Granules" is the sucessful result of those experiments. This material absorbs very large amounts of water, holds it and slowly releases the water for a long-lasting cooling effect.

The "Polymer Granules" is crystalline in the dry state but transforms into a gel when hydrated. This process is reversible many times. The lifetime of our recoolx® product will be limited only by the quality of the water used to hydrate the Polymer Granules and the durability of the surrounding textile cover.  

The Polymer Granules are contained within the textile cover (Öko Tex 100 Standard) which allows for the free flow of water from the Polymer Granules to the surface. After emersion of the recoolx® in the water for 20 minutes, it is ready to use.

As the water is slowly released, the evaporative cooling process provides an effective means of cooling your body. It can be especially effective when applied in an area of greater blood flow such as your neck.

Depending on the ambient temperature, the cooling effect will continue for up to 24 hours. Our design and Polymer Granules provide a unique cooling product that lasts for hours and is comfortable to wear while you enjoy your sporting and recreational activities.